BlueEye D6 Android Media Player Review

One of the smallest TV media players I’ve seen turned up today – can you see where it’s hiding in this pic?

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Seasonic Prime 650Watt Power Supply Review

I’ve been building PCs for over 20 years, and my daytime workplace builds several PCs a day, most of them in the $2-3K range. Whilst customers are free to pick any components to make up their own custom-spec PC, we’ve long-ago settled on only one brand for the power supply units we use in our systems.

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Lian-Li PC-K5WX case review

Came across a new case today from Lian-Li (an upper-scale maker of PC cases shaped like yachts, trains, and marine life) – this one was under $100, which is surprisingly-far below their usual price range.

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Allocacoc PowerCube Extended |Remote| review

Why is a powerboard worth writing about? This one is quite intelligent, as it turns out – read on to find out why.

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Matias Wireless Aluminium Keyboard Review

I’m not an Apple fanboi, but I do appreciate that Apple has brought some better design influence to the otherwise price-fixated PC market.
Today, my daytime workplace got a shipment of Matias Mac keyboards in all the colours of the iPhone rainbow – read on if Macs are something you work on daily.


Aiwa MiniPC-in-a-Keyboard Review

The PC is not dead yet – it’s just hiding in your keyboard.

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ThunderDisk Type-C USB Thumb Drive Review

The ThunderDisk is back, and now has more connection options.

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Reversible USB Type-C Charging / Data Cable Review

I’ve covered reversible cables before – last time, I wrote up a reversible MicroUSB cable, and so this time, I have the Type-C reversible cable to show you.

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EditorsKeys FSX Backlit USB Keyboard Review

“If flying your IBM PC got any more realistic, you’d need a license” .
Check out the keyboard that could make that a reality….

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Reversible MicroUSB Charging / Data Cable review

Sick of fiddling with MicroUSB cables to find the right-way-up when plugging them in?
Your worries are over – click for more…

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