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Aiwa MiniPC-in-a-Keyboard Review

The PC is not dead yet – it’s just hiding in your keyboard.

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Ghetto All-in-one PC Project

Build a cheap PC that integrates into a monitor?
Can do….

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Benton BT-VX5 Quad-Core MiniPC Review

What’s in the brown box of mystery?
Could it be a tiny Windows PC?

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Mele 4-Core Atom Windows8.1 MiniPC Review

Can you get decent desktop performance from something the size of a paperback book?

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Zotac ZBox-EI750 review

What can you say about Zotac? They make tiny little barebone PCs that are the size of paperback books, packing desktop-equivalent hardware into a case designed to clip to the back of a desktop PC monitor. The beauty of their barebone systems is that you can pick whatever size/price RAM and drives you like, unlike laptops, […]

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