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Control your home’s heating, cooling and more via IR with Google Home and RM3 Mini

Google Home has been available in ‘straya for a couple of months now, and it works well at controlling new “smart” wifi LED bulbs and power points. What if you want to use it to voice-control your other appliances – the ones that are not wifi-enabled and are too dumb to talk to Google?


BlueEye D6 Android Media Player Review

One of the smallest TV media players I’ve seen turned up today – can you see where it’s hiding in this pic?

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Amber MHL 3.0 Android to HDMI Display Adapter Review

Use your phone as a desktop replacement?
Why not – but how?

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BlueEye Dual HD TV Tuner and Multimedia Player Review

Three or four years ago, Linux-based media players that sat under your Plasma and let you record live TV and play back your Torrentz were all the rage, and the king of them all here in Australia was the Noontec V9T – a huge enthusiast community built up around this, replete with people rolling their […]