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Powerwall2 update – Time-of-Use enabled

It’s been 9 months since the first installs of Tesla’s Powerwall2 in Australia, and now you can enable programmatic Time-of-Use power-cost tariff awareness for your PW2.


More Powerwall Monitoring Options…

Yes, just in case your Powerwall2-monitoring-OCD is not satisfied by the Tesla App, or PVOutput, there is yet another 3rd party option available, and finally a use for the otherwise-banished Metro interface on Windows10.


Monitoring Tesla’s Powerwall2 on


Australian Powerwall2 Update – 3 months on

Back in June I had a Tesla Powerwall2 installed, one of the first in Australia. It’s been three months, and going well, so herewith an update.


Australian Tesla Powerwall 2 Review

I paid $10,700 for this cool LED porch light recently. As a fringe benefit, it’ll reduce my power bills whilst powering my house, and freeing me from fear of blackouts. Click to find out why…



Seasonic Prime 650Watt Power Supply Review

I’ve been building PCs for over 20 years, and my daytime workplace builds several PCs a day, most of them in the $2-3K range. Whilst customers are free to pick any components to make up their own custom-spec PC, we’ve long-ago settled on only one brand for the power supply units we use in our systems.

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Allocacoc PowerCube Extended |Remote| review

Why is a powerboard worth writing about? This one is quite intelligent, as it turns out – read on to find out why.

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Reversible USB Type-C Charging / Data Cable Review

I’ve covered reversible cables before – last time, I wrote up a reversible MicroUSB cable, and so this time, I have the Type-C reversible cable to show you.

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Reversible MicroUSB Charging / Data Cable review

Sick of fiddling with MicroUSB cables to find the right-way-up when plugging them in?
Your worries are over – click for more…

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Allocacoc PowerCube Extended USB Powerboard Review

Usually when I need a another 240volt mains powerboard, I tend to get a “pack of two powerboards for $10” at the Bunnings checkout impulse-buy zone, ’cause that’s the kind of guy I am. But, those are, to be frank, pretty crap. They usually have ports too close to each other to allow you to […]

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